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Environment and sustainability

Nature as an example

Nature often has the best ideas. It also provides the inspiration for HEITMANN products.

The HEITMANN limescale removers illustrate this well. We only use fruit and lactic acids, which are also found in nature, in our limescale removers. We manufacture these in food-grade quality from natural raw materials. This is the only way in which they satisfy our safety and sustainability standards.

For laundry care, HEITMANN products ensure brilliantly clean clothing using gall soap, or active oxygen, among other ingredients.

Sustainable production

We operate our production at our plant in Warburg under state-of-the-art conditions. In doing so, we focus on saving energy and water, as well as avoiding waste. All products are packaged in recyclable materials. We generally use 100% recycled paper for collapsible boxes.

Our performance and environmental promise

You will find a performance and environmental promise for all HEITMANN products. This shows you at a glance the specific features of the product.

Assuming responsibility

It is important for us to assume responsibility for the environment as well as protect resources. We have therefore certified all HEITMANN products in line with the EU Charter for Sustainable Cleaning (A.I.S.E.).

Use the correct dosage

The correct detergent dosage also makes a huge contribution to sustainability. Instead of measuring the dosage intuitively, it is worth paying attention to the recommended quantities. Often, you do not need as much detergent as you might think. This protects the environment and saves cash.

Miss Bio—the environmental specialist

Miss Bio knows her stuff when it comes to environmentally friendly washing and cleaning. The Misses offers a great deal of knowledge and practical advice. She also explains the performance and environmental promise of each HEITMANN product once again in detail. Simply click on Environment on the product page.