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With the establishment of the German Reich, a large and integrated economic area with good trade conditions is created. Wilhelm Brauns and the Heitmann family make use of this favourable environment. They found their company and produce textile dyes for domestic use.


The HEITMANN brand is introduced to an international audience at the World Fair held in Antwerp in 1885.


At a very early stage, Brauns and Heitmann recognised the value of the brand. On 4 May 1895, the Brauns “crown and ribbon” logo is protected as a trademark. On 4 January 1896, the “fox head and star” logo with the initials G. H. is registered as a trademark for the Heitmann brothers. For comparison: Coca-Cola has been a protected trademark since 1893, and the first Persil packaging has been protected since 1907.


The HEITMANN brand is now available in Russia and distributed out of Riga. From 1928, it also penetrates the Spanish market via Barcelona.


Dyeing easily and cheaply—with true dyes. The housewife in the early part of the century was left convinced. The commanding tone of the commercial sounds strange to us today, but it was in keeping with the times: “Ask specifically for HEITMANN dyes. Reject any other product!”

In addition to textile dyes, the HEITMANN brand now covers many more products for laundry and household care. These include decolourisers, waterproofing products, shoe and leather dyes, stain removers, and wood stains.


The last emperor is crowned in Beijing, Gustav Klimt paints “The Kiss”, Maggi launches its stock cubes on the market, and the Imperial Patent Office in Berlin registers a new wordmark: HEITMANN. The brand still stands for reliable quality and powerful products today. In the same year, the Steiff Original and Kaffee HAG trademarks are protected.


Dyes for domestic use continue to be the best-selling products of the HEITMANN brand. Dark blue and scarlet are the most popular colour shades in the range.


The war and the ensuing supply shortages impact the company’s production.


The economic boom years remain quite difficult. The sales areas in the East disappear, and the increased purchasing power weakens demand for textile dyes. People prefer to buy new items. Fritz Heitmann jr. decides to take a step that is almost revolutionary at this time. He expresses his interest in employing a joint sales organisation with his competitor, Brauns. This would enable a reduction in sales costs.


The shareholders from Heitmann and Brauns conclude the merger of their companies on a steamboat trip on the Rhine between 4 and 7 July. The merger became official on 1 October 1969: Brauns-Heitmann GmbH & Co. KG is created.


The company comes out of this merger even stronger than before. The innovative laundry and household care products of the newly formed company are now available under the HEITMANN brand. The textile dyes are sold under the simplicol name.


The easy way to achieve brilliant white curtains. HEITMANN Curtain Salt is launched.


Safety and sustainability are key values of the HEITMANN brand. This is illustrated by the new appliance limescale remover with 100% citric acid. It paves the way for a number of other HEITMANN limescale removers. They all work exclusively on the basis of natural acids.


Spray onto stains, wash, done. Laundry care can be this quick and easy with the new HEITMANN Gall Soap Stain Remover Spray.


In many households, dishwashers and washing machines are in constant use. The machine cleaners from HEITMANN provide the cleaning that these indispensable helpers need.


Using a cloth is easy. Whether it is a Colour & Dirt Collector Cloth or a Laundry White Cloth: the new HEITMANN products are particularly easy to use and ensure visibly cared-for laundry.


Vegan, environmentally friendly, and tough on stains: HEITMANN Soapwort Stain Remover products are coming onto the market.


The HEITMANN trio is introduced as brand ambassadors. Miss Bio, Mrs Laundry, and Mr Sponge offer advice and provide interesting information about laundry and household care with HEITMANN.


For an impeccable black that lasts, there are now HEITMANN Laundry Black Cloths with real textile dye. Simply use them directly in the wash cycle.