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The HEITMANN brand

Always reliable

Lots of razzle-dazzle and a fancy exterior do not create a strong brand. An impressive product always comes first. At Brauns-Heitmann, this is our conviction. Because only reliable high quality brings the brand to life.

Wilhelm Brauns and the Heitmann brothers were committed to high quality standards from the very start. When they founded their company in the late 19th century, they had one key objective: to make laundry and household care easier. We still pursue the same goal today.

We work hard so that you don’t have to.

How can we make the daily household routine even easier? What products would help? What can be accomplished in an even better way? We convert the answers to these questions into the development of innovative products from HEITMANN. In our research and development department, impressive new formulas gradually emerge from initial ideas.

Tested quality
These are then tested, tested again, and tested yet one more time. Both in house as well as by independent experts. All products of the HEITMANN brand are developed and manufactured exclusively in Germany. This gives us maximum control over quality. On the other hand, as a medium-sized company, we make a key contribution to Germany as a working and economic location.

The result: specialists and all-rounders for household and laundry
Whether special coloured fabric decolourisers or versatile soda: all HEITMANN products offer powerful support when caring for your laundry or home. We place great emphasis on ease of use—so that you can enjoy the brilliant results as quickly as possible.

The Heitmann brothers registered the “fox head with star” as the first trademark. This was in 1896.

In the first few decades, most products such as these textile and leather care products from around 1900 were sold through pharmacies or chemists’ shops.

Historic advertising motifs: with simple nostalgic appeal despite the stereotype.


Let us introduce them: Mr Sponge, Mrs Laundry, and Miss Bio. If you want them to, the trio will guide you through our HEITMANN website as well as offer advice and information.

Each member of the HEITMANN trio has a specialist area. But find out for yourself.

The cleaning professional:
Mr Sponge

He has a direct approach, even when it comes to cleaning. He is a caretaker by profession as well as a down-to-earth guy. As you will notice, Mr Sponge’s tone can sometimes be a bit gruff. He simply prefers fewer words and more action.

The laundry expert:
Mrs Laundry

She loves fashion and is friendly and open. Of course, her clothing always has to be in perfect condition, preferably without a great deal of effort. She is therefore passionate about HEITMANN and always ready with good advice. And this results in brilliant laundry and textiles.

The environmental specialist:
Miss Bio

Miss Bio loves being in the outdoors and has turned her hobby into her profession: she is a biologist. It is important for her to use resources carefully, even when cleaning and washing. She is therefore the spokesperson within the HEITMANN trio for the environment and sustainability.